Wellington’s Craft Beer Scene: A Tasting Tour

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, is often lauded for its vibrant arts scene, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history. But there’s another feather in its cap: a burgeoning craft beer culture that can rival any city in the world. If you’re eager to dive into the hoppy heart of Wellington, buckle up for a tasting tour that takes you through the city’s best breweries, each offering unique brews that capture the inventive spirit of the region. And if you’re wondering how to hop from one spot to the next, just search for a “taxi cab near me” or save yourself the hassle by booking with Quick Cabs here.

Garage Project

A visit to Wellington’s craft beer scene would be incomplete without stopping by Garage Project, a small brewery located in an old petrol station in the hip suburb of Aro Valley. This brewery has revolutionized the local beer landscape with its experimental brews and bold graphic labels. Their range is vast, with offerings that vary from traditional IPAs to more adventurous options like wild fermented ales and barrel-aged brews.

Parrotdog Brewery

Next on the list is Parrotdog, situated in Lyall Bay. Known for its flawless execution of classic styles, Parrotdog also prides itself on sustainability. The vibe here is laid-back and friendly, with a spacious bar area that’s perfect for tasting their crisp lagers or robust ales while watching surfers tackle the waves at Lyall Bay.

Fork & Brewer

Fork & Brewer, located in the heart of Wellington on Bond Street, is a microbrewery and gastropub that not only serves excellent beer but pairs it with equally impressive food. With over 40 taps, including many of their own brews, the selection can be daunting, but the knowledgeable staff can guide you through a personalized tasting experience.

Whistling Sisters

For something a bit different, head to Whistling Sisters on Taranaki Street. This brewery focuses on small-batch, innovative beers with unique twists. Their tasting room offers a cozy atmosphere that encourages conversations and lingering over their meticulously crafted beers.

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Embarking on a craft beer tour in Wellington is not just about drinking beer; it’s an exploration of creativity, community, and the art of brewing. Each brewery offers something different, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of Wellington’s craft beer scene. Whether you’re a casual drinker or a connoisseur, Wellington has a brew and a brewery that’s sure to satisfy. Cheers to discovering them one sip at a time!

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